Medication & Refill Reminders

Personal Caregiver is the brand new app that helps you take better care of yourself by making sure you take all of your medicines at the right times.

Never miss a dose or refill again!
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All Caregiver Versions Feature:

  • Notification Alarms include Audio
  • Unlimited medication list & reminders
  • Refill reminders based on actual usage
  • Take as needed medications
  • Missed dose alerts
  • Detailed history
  • Drug database w/17,000+ drugs
  • Prescription, over-the-counter & herbal
  • Option to upgrade from within the app
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Improve health thru adherence by avoiding skipped doses and gaps between refills.

Medic8 Manager LLC running its iMedic8 platform is proud to introduce Personal Caregiver, and upgrades to Premium & Professional Versions to help you Manage Medications for yourself and those you care for, wherever you are.


Scheduled Medication Reminders
- Set up to 5 reminders per dose
- Stopped when taken or skipped

Refill Tracker & Reminders
- Dates updated based on usage
- Set reminder for days/weeks "before running out"

* Internet required for Reminders


- See what's due Now
- See what's due Next
- Badge# highlights "Meds due Now"
- Alert icon highlight missed doses

* Upgrade from Personal to manage up to 4 people in Premium or up to 16 in Professional


- Classic day at a time calendar
- Taken, Skipped record
- Refills record
- As needed record
- Missed dose alert & record
- Meds Due Now (during 2h window)
- Meds Scheduled today and future
- Schedule tab badges show total due
- Alert tab badges show total missed
- History

Scheduled Med

- Last Taken / Next Due timer
- Take/Skip buttons available for 2 hr window during scheduled dose time
- Dosage & Duration information
- Refill Tracker information
- Special instructions, Pharmacy, Rx# - Prioritized Label Warnings*
- Detailed Medication information*
- Notification settings per medication
* Upgrade to access

Refill Alerts List

- Scheduled Meds w/refill / warning "before running out"
- Set Notification per med to display
- Set reminder up to 1 month before running out. Great for online ordering. - Refill Due Today Status
- Refill Overdue Status
- Refill date based on usage
- As Needed w/refills listed when out

Meds Due Now

- Simple scheduled meds due now
- One button option to take all meds
- Access to each med to Skip or Take - Qty to take displayed
- Take button available for 2 hr window during scheduled dose time.

Take As Needed

- Record Take As needed meds
- Limit "Take How Many?" list for med based on "No More Than" setting*
- Med, qty & time in Schedule Record
- List of all As needed can be re-ordered as you would like it.

* Alerts are not triggered based on Dosage limits entered

Missed Dose Info

Instructions specific per medication*

Scheduled Medications are considered missed, by application, when not taken in a 2hr window

- Did you miss or not record it?
- Missed Alert on entry of each profile

* Info available in Premium and Pro

Medication List

- '+' add new meds from database
- Add Scheduled or As needed
- Tap to see Med detail / prescription
- Status displayed in list as:
...Completed Prescription
...As Needed
...Not Yet Scheduled
...Deleted meds removed completley

Detailed Med Info

Premier drug database w/ 17,000+
... Prescription,
... Over the counter, and
... Herbal medications,
written in patient friendly language

Label Warnings

Prioritized Label Warnings
- Same as those found on the outside of a medications container
- The warnings are prioritized in the same order pharmacies use.

Personal (Free)

  • 1 profile
  • Med & supplement reminders
  • Refill reminders
  • Take as needed meds
  • Missed dose alerts
  • Detailed history

Premium ($9.99)

Includes Personal Caregiver features plus:

  • FDA Alertsfor recalled medications in your list
  • 3 additional non expiring profiles
  • Detailed medication information
  • Prioritized label warnings
  • Missed dose instructions
  • Available via In App Purchase

Professional ($3.99/profile/year)

Includes Personal & Premium Caregiver features plus:

  • Manage up to 16 profiles
  • Purchase each profile per year
  • Access by Premium version customers only
  • Available via In App Purchase

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